Tuesday, August 4, 2009

♥ happy birthday mya ♥

birthday gurl


happy bufday 2 u..

happy bufday 2 u..

happy bufday 2 mya..

happy bufday 2 u...

happy bufday sayang ...ur turning two..may got bless u...

Dear mya sayang..,

I can hardly believe u are turning two today! It seems like just yesterday we found out when I was pregnant u –Friday June 22, 2007. U might wonder why in the world.. I remember such a random date, but there is a whole history behind that.Now that you have been present in my life for two years, I can’t possibly begin to imagine it without you. Who else would convey their love to me by

looking at me with huge eyes and panting while I am trying to discipline them? You know it will get me to smile every time and I have learned that it is your own silly and unique way of seeking forgiveness and making su

re I still love you, too. Who else would so preciously say “nak peluk” when I blew them kisses every time I put them down to sleep or went to leave them. Who else would say in their own little garbled language, “chayunk” when I say those simple words to you?

I am so grateful that I have the distinct of being your mother.

I love you..Mya..and I always will. I am eternally grateful to ALLAH for softening my heart so you could enter our lives. There is something deeply special about you and my life has improved immensely since I have had you and daddy. Thank you for teaching me how to become more matured because it is as I watch you and her in your meek and childlike ways that I learn what I

need to do to become a better mother, wife, daughter and friend.

Much love always and forever,

with a lot of kiss.

:: mommy ::

me with my beloved family

chayunq baby ayish

macam hidangan..fav mya potato wedges

mse utk potong cake idaman mummy..haha yelah kcik2 tak pat..

blew the candle la mya..daddy plak yg blew..

mse nk wat sepah..aritu lepas nyanyi ingatkan trus mletup..semua org wat tak leh..

dia nak tgn daddy sndri wat bru mletup...hahaha..

doa selamat utk mya..
bju orange tu bapa mertuaku n bju itam yg garang bermisai tu my dad..

cik dah n cik dun ni pantang jmpa camera..tak kira lah camera pape pun..mula la nk posing mcm mxxxxx.hahaha.mya je yg tau jwppnya..kan mya..

ha time to potong cake..

btul tak asyik muka cidah n cidun..yg tgh tu my mom..
barbie cakes cdap giler..

ramai yg dtg walaupun cuaca tak berapa elok..thanks pada yg hadir..

barbie besday theme..

k.sya n my bf mihaza...tq 4 coming..

byk agi gmbr tapi byk sgt nk upload..asyik gmbr daddy jer..senang citer daddy mya ni mang suker interframe...


  1. walla...cantik sih blog ko ni...dah up sikit beb! Cantik2....so keep it up ye!!!

  2. meriahnye clbration bzday mya...
    photogenic lak 2...
    msti cdp barbie cake 2...
    mst bnyk gle dpt presnt kn....

  3. cpe edit photo2 ni...
    nice la...

  4. byk gak la.hehehe...tapi tetap kurang gak coz akak yunk tak agi.hahha,,

  5. hai my dear.. akk link this entry kat blog akk yea.. hope u dont mind.. happy u like the cake.. :) tq for the order yea...